Teams travel together to the races, called Regattas. Because there are limited opportunities to row prior to high school, no experience is necessary. This is a terrific sport for individuals looking to participate in a spring sport and stay fit for sports in other seasons!

As a club sport, financial support comes primarily from rower fees and fund raising efforts. As a varsity sport, FHPS provides for coaches’ salaries, some transportation costs and regatta entry fees. FHN Rowing Parent Advisory Board is part of the FHPS Boosters, an IRS 501(c)3, Not For-Profit Organization. FHN Rowing actively supports the FHN Athletic Boosters.

The daily operations of the Rowing team are the responsibility of the Head Coach. The head coach and lead assistant coach are employees of Forest Hills Public Schools (FHPS.) The program also includes parents, friends and supporters of FHN Rowing; and is led by the FHN Rowing Parents Advisory Board to assist in organization, volunteer support, fundraising and assisting the team at regattas and other activities.

… I HIGHLY recommend that your high schoolers [join] the FHN rowing team this spring – wonderful sport, successful team, great group of kids and parents, good food 🙂 A win-win all around.

Jenny Engle Fanning

… just wanted someone to know that my daughter l.o.v.e.d the crew camp! She thought the older kids were very nice and really cool. She is actually bragging to friends and family about her sore legs and blisters. 

Thank you for making this such a real experience for the younger students and not just a glossed over “intro to rowing”. The races on Friday were her favorite. While she has tried other sports, this was the first one that showed her how true teamwork can bring success. She is so excited to become involved when she hits 9th grade!

Karen Patterson

“High school has taught me not only about the world, but also about myself as well. Rowing for Northern taught me that you have to work hard to get anywhere in the world and that nothing can be accomplished without the help of others.” -Aaron Heldt

Yearbook by our own Aaron Heldt

Aaron Heldt