FHN Rowing Team Handbook

Did you know that if you do not come to practice, your crew might not get on the water? This year makes it especially clear, every practice is mandatory! From the Team Handbook:


1. Non-mandatory, preseason practice starts at the beginning of second semester. These practices are held at Forest Hills Northern High School. Specific dates and times will be announced by the Head Coach.
2. Spring season practice will be held after school or early evening, Monday through Friday. Practice start and finish times will be determined by the Coaching Staff. There may be practices during spring break TBA.
3. Each athlete is expected to be on time and ready to practice at the scheduled time.
4. Every practice is required. A parent must notify the coach in advance if a rower will not be at practice.
5. Athletes are expected to avoid scheduling other appointments (e.g. doctor, dentist, etc.) during practice times.
6. Please notify the coaching staff if you will be on vacation. Missing practice for vacation will generally result in loss of regatta participation.
7. Practices will be planned to maximize boat time. When not assigned a team activity, rowers should show initiative by participating in conditioning work as aerobic conditioning is a key to successful rowing. Those rowers that work the hardest and show the most initiative will see the most water time.
8. Rowers are expected to provide their own water (bottles) at all practices as well as a change of dry clothes, towel, and be appropriately dressed for the weather.