We are excited to see your camper at the FHN Rowing Camp for the upcoming week of June 12 through 16.  We hope that this welcome letter answers any of your questions!

What is the date and time of camp?
Camp starts Monday, June 19 and runs through Friday, June 23
Camp will run from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.  Please arrive a few minutes early.  Please note – the Campers will need to get off the water and help de-rig the boat, so pick up time is between 8:15 – 8:30 pm.

Where is camp held?
The camp will be at the FHPS Boathouse, which is located at 8400 Grand River Drive, SE, Ada.
The entrance is on the left-hand side of Grand River Drive, approximately one mile past Ada Park.
The driveway to the boathouse is a narrow dirt road and it will get congested during drop off and pick up times, so be alert and patient.  Central and Eastern are also running their camps.  The road also has some large potholes so please drive slowly.

Parents should drive to the end of the road where there is a turn around, drop off their camper, then drive out.  Do the same for pick up.  If you want to park and drop off or pick up you may.  I would suggest coming early and parking in the small lot by the boat house or park in the grassy area by the front entrance and walk down.  Please try to avoid parking on the narrow road as it may block cars from getting in and out.

Where do I go once I arrive?
There will be a FHN check-in table (which is usually the first picnic table adjacent to the road).  You will check in there and grab your shirt and name tag.  Once everyone is checked in, the coaches will gather the campers and divide them into experienced or non-experienced campers.

Non-experienced campers will learn the parts of the boat, how to rig and de-rig a boat and get an overview of how to row before going on the water.  There is a chance that they might not get on the water until Tuesday.  If a camper has no experience and will miss the first day or two of camp WE NEED TO KNOW (contact info below) so we can set up some private tutoring to catch up the camper before going on the water.

Who is going to be there?
Your camper, 29 other campers and approximately 25+ FHN varsity rower volunteers, several of the FHN rowing coaches and some varsity rowing parent volunteers that will be helping with the launch boats and check-in.

What do I wear to camp?
The first day you will receive a camp shirt.  We ask that you wear it throughout the week so our coaches and FHN volunteer rowers and helpers can identify who belongs in our camp.  We have asked the FHN rower volunteers to wear their FHN rowing spirit wear, so you will be able to identify them.  We ordered the size of shirt that was provided on the registration form.  If it does not fit, please see one of the adult check-in personnel and they will try to exchange it for you.  Please note our supply is limited.

Dress in comfortable clothing – camp shirt, shorts, socks (that you don’t mind getting dirty) and athletic shoes or rain boots.  You will be taking your shoes off on the dock before getting into the boat.  The boats have built in shoes.  We encourage campers to wear a slimmer-profile short (running or spandex).  The baggy, loose, basketball style shorts can sometimes catch and rip on the seat.

What do I bring with me to camp?
water bottle is very important and mosquito spray.  Please wear and/or bring suntan lotion.  You may also want a baseball cap and/or sunglasses.  We will have extra water available if you need to refill your bottle and extra mosquito spray is also available during camp.

How will I know if camp is cancelled?
We hope that it is sunny all week, but since we live in Michigan, we know the weather is unpredictable.  If at all possible we will hold camp, so you may be rowing in light rain.  If it is storming or looks like the weather and/or wind will be severe during camp, we will notify you by email about the cancellation (or an alternate means if you let us know).  We will also post it on the FHN facebook site (search FHN Rowing).

We will try our best to email/post no later than 5pm if there is a cancellation.  Weather is unpredictable and we do all we can to hold our sessions.  Please be aware, our coaches are volunteering their time as well as working full-time jobs.  Unfortunately if a decision needs to be made, it might not happen until they get out of work.  The cost of camp is priced to allow for the chance we might lose a day or two, due to safety concerns.  If more days are lost the coaches will do their best to reschedule, but no guarantees.

Will there be a chance to see my child row?
Yes!  There will be a race between the FHPS campers on Friday night.  Races are scheduled to begin approximately 6:45 pm.  Parents are encouraged to arrive early to watch and cheer on their rower as they enjoy the opportunity to put their new skills in action!  Coaches will provide more details on this throughout the week.

Who do I contact if I have a concern or question?
Please send an email to the Learn to Row Coordinator, Kerrie Hayes (khayes224 at gmail  dot com) or in the case of an emergency, call her at number provided in email.

We look forward to seeing your camper next week!

Kerrie Hayes and Lyvonne Lees
2017 Learn to Row Camp Coordinators
FHN Rowing Coaches
FHN Varsity Rowers
FHN L-T-R Camp Committee