2017 Information for reference only.  2018 coming soon.


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 Safety message…Caution is urged when walking near riverbanks.

The time has come … our first 2017 regatta is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday.
This also happens to be our FHN Rowing “home” regatta.  THANK YOU to our Coaches, as well as all the parent volunteers who will help make this event safe & successful.
With the flooding, there are extraordinary details to iron out – including potentially cancelling.  
Below, please find some general information.
2017 Belted Galloway Regatta
FHPS Boathouse, Ada, MI
April 22, 2017 
Participating Schools: 
Forest Hills Central, Forest Hills Northern, Forest Hills Eastern, East Grand Rapids
Location:  FHPS Boathouse.  The boathouse is located at 8400 Grand River Drive, Ada MI 49301.  The boathouse is located within McGraw Park.  
Schedule: *** Note that ALL rowers are asked to arrive at 7:45 AM. *** Coaches & Coxswains meeting at 8:30 AM with first race scheduled to start at 9:00 AM.   The last race is scheduled to start at 2:00 PM with an awards ceremony immediately following.  See the attached Heat Sheet for a rough schedule of races. 
Medals/Entry Fees:  We will have medals for the top 2 placing crews in the 16 events on the schedule.  
Parking:  We’re going to have over 300 athletes competing at this event.  When you add in families, coaches, volunteers and team supporters we could have close to 1000 people at the boathouse this weekend.  Unfortunately we don’t have the space available to let everyone park at the boathouse, stage the event, and still keep the access road open for emergency purposes.  We’ve come up with 4 different scenarios to get everyone safely to the boathouse.
  1. Drop Off.  We’ll have a drop off area just inside the entrance to McGraw Park/The boathouse drive.  There’s a small turn around just inside the gate where you can turn around after dropping off your athlete or anyone requiring extra assistance.   In order to keep traffic flowing we will not be allowing drop off next to the boathouse, the walk from the entrance of the park to the boathouse is only about 200 yards.  There will be a four-wheel shuttle available for people and coolers.
  2. Shuttle Bus.  We’ll be running a shuttle bus from Ada Elementary (731 Ada Dr. S.E. Ada  49301) to the boathouse.  The shuttle bus will run continuously starting at 6:30 AM-9:00 AM.  After 9:00 AM the bus will run every ½ hour from Ada Elementary to the boathouse.  At the conclusion of the event the bus will again run continuously until everyone has left the boathouse area.
  3. Handicap permit.  Show the parking guards your handicap permit, and you’ll be allowed to park near the boathouse.
  4. Parking pass.  Each team is being allowed an allotment of 10 parking passes for parents and supporters to use (for FHN these are usually given to Coaches as well as volunteers helping with food).  If you have one of these passes you’ll be allowed to park somewhere in the boathouse vicinity. 

Note to 7 am workers: Since the shuttle bus will not be running that early, please arrange either to be dropped off or carpool.

It is imperative that nobody parks on Grand River Drive, which is the main road before you get to the boathouse entrance.  Cascade township has huge safety concerns regarding having cars parked on Grand River Drive.  They’ve threatened to stop the event if we don’t comply.   Please use one of the above methods to get to the boathouse.  If you’re having problems getting to the boathouse please call the boathouse at 682-9286 and someone will help you.  The boathouse is located at 8400 Grand River Drive, Ada MI 49301.  The boathouse is located within McGraw Park.
Other Helpful Notes:  
Race Course: 

Same as we’ve had in the past.  The course is about 1000 meters long and is four/five lanes wide.  The course goes against the current and finishes at the Forest Hills Boathouse.  There is a paved trail that follows the course.  See the heat sheets to be able to anticipate the approximate time of your rower’s race.  Plan plenty of ‘commute’ time and keep in mind that race start times are subject to change.

Visitor Observation:  The FHN Rowing team will have a designated team area — look for fellow Husky families and the FHN food tent.  The other teams will also set up locations along the riverbank.  It is important to keep watch (and a clear path) for rowing teams loading/unloading boats on the pier.
Name Tags:  Being our first regatta, we strongly encourage family members to wear name tags. These will be available in the team tent/food area.  Please come get one and write your name on the top and put your rowers’s name in parenthesis below.  FHN Rowing regattas are family events and it is fun to put names and faces together as we gel into one CREW!
Food:  Please remind your athletes about the talk Brian O’Kane gave them highlighting the impact of Nutrition Management on Peak Performance.  Notes from that session are attached to this email as a reminder.  Food will be provided for athletes and FHN families — the only thing we ask is that you watch to make sure our athletes eat first (their schedules vary depending on race times).
Weather:  Forecast to be cloudy with a high of 56*, wind 10mph ENE.  See updated weather forecast here.
Conditions:  MUDDY!!  Dress appropriatedly!
 Team Trivia: the name Belted Galloway comes from the cows that racers see along the racecourse (and on the award medals).
And, two last reminders …
  1. Watch the weather (dress warm, even with sun, it’s likely to be very chilly by the water) and make sure your athlete has a change of warm/dry clothes
  2. Make sure to thank our Coaching staff, this year’s Regatta Coordinators Brian O’Kane and Food Coordinators Julie Greshak & Lara Schaible.
Go Huskies!  Row Huskies!  See you Saturday!
~ FHN Rowing Communications

April 22, 2017 FHN Belted Galloway Regatta

Racing starts at 9:00 am.  A shuttle bus will run from Ada Elementary (731 Ada Dr.SE, Ada 49301) to the boathouse continuously from 7:30 am to 9 am, then every 1/2 hour during the event, and continuously at the end until everyone has left the boathouse.

Only coaches and vehicles with handicap status will be permitted to park at the boathouse.

Note to 7 am workers: Since the shuttle bus will not be running that early, please arrange either to be dropped off or carpool.

Food items should be delivered at the start of regatta.

Regatta Coordinator:  Brian O’Kane, brianpokane@gmail.com



Date: 04/22/2017 (Sat.)Time: 7:00am EDTLocation: Forest Hills Boathouse, McGraw Park, 8400 Grand River Drive, Ada, MI, 1.1 miles east of Ada Park. Always stop at rail crossing.