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Sponsorship Fundraising!


TJ Mettler, Sponsorship Fundraising Lead


We all know that rowing is not an inexpensive sport. We are starting our sponsorship fundraising strategy for the upcoming season and we need your ideas and contacts. Our Sponsorship Committee is ready to reach out to potential sponsors. If you or have friends or family, who know of a business that would be willing to sponsor our team we want to hear from you!

2017 Fundraising


Feb 24 –  Moes Fundraiser, East Beltline, 7-9p




Feb 12 –  Can Drive – Help Please – Committee Lead Wanted


  • Feb 2 – Sign Up Genius –
    • Event Lead – Get the word out,
    • Neighborhood or Car Load group.  5 drivers, with 3-4 collectors
    • Sunday, February 12, 1pm to 4pm. Rowers meet at First Hills Foods, then split into groups.
  • Feb 3-7 – Get the word out:  send out flyers, neighborhood emails, list serv


Feb 24 –  Moes Fundraiser, East Beltline, 7-9p





2016 Fundraising


FHN Rowing has increased in popularity as a varsity club sport.  Our rapid growth and continued team success has made it necessary to begin the purchase of a new boat.  These Vespoli racing shells, riggers, cox boxes, shoes and oars are very expensive to acquire.


 We purchase them with great care, looking for affordability and high performance that will allow our varsity rowers to compete in local, state, and national regattas.





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We appreciate your contribution to the acquisition of our next boat.



Donations are tax deductible.  Please consider submitting your donation to your employer for matching funds.


  • Better yet, Corporate Sponsorships are always welcome!  Please send your inquiries to buyaboat@fhncrewclub.org
  • Matching fund checks can be mailed to:

FHN Crew Club c/o Forest Hills Northern High School, 3801 Leonard Street NE, Grand Rapids, MI  49525.

  • For your convenience, you may also submit your payment via paypal.


Paypal charges a transaction fee of slightly more than 2%.