Program details below…  Presentations include organization structure, equipment overview, and event reviews.  The Team Handbook presents season expectations.  The Volunteer Handbook details how the Club Organization supports the team.

2017 Season Kick Off

2017 Season Kick-Off

January 24, 2017 – FH Northern Trails Cafeteria @ 6:00PM
February 1, 2017 – FH Northern Trails Cafeteria @ 6:00PM

Join us and learn all about the FH Rowing program.

  • Discover the history of the program
  • See how rowing impacts your life now and in the future
  • Meet the team that works behind the scenes
  • Learn about how you can get involved as a volunteer
  • Rowers and parents will complete this year’s paperwork.
  • Talk with the coaches

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2017 Season Banquet Presentation
2017 Season Banquet Video

Getting Our Ducks in a Row

FHN Rowing UPdate: Prepping for the 2017-2018 Rowing Season! Join us! We are working to put together the best season ever!  Please come along with us as we get our ducks in a row for a fun-filled 2017-2018 FHN Rowing Season! » Come to our next Board Meeting, November...
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