Where there is a Club there is Paperwork

00 FHNRowing Forms Checklist (196.8 KiB)

01 Participation Liability WaiverHandbookAcknowledgementandMediaRelease2017 (243.9 KiB)

02 2017 USRowing Waiver (197.0 KiB)

03-FHPS-and-FHNRowing-EmergencyContactInformationwithFHNRowingMedical[1] (123.9 KiB)

04 Athletic Code Contract (13.5 KiB)

05 FHPS Interscholatic Athletic Program Participation Fee (228.5 KiB)

06 Forest Hills Transportation Form (290.2 KiB)

07 MHSA Physical Form (802.3 KiB)

08 FHNRowing Financial Aid Request (121.5 KiB)

Thank you for printing these forms.


In the case a reimbursement for club expenses is needed, please submit the following form electronically.

For your information, the FHPS Student Athletic Handbook, current as of 1/21/2017.